Coal Pockets Destroyed in Newark, N. J.

Coal Pockets Destroyed in Newark, N. J.

A fire in fighting which the fireboat “Newarker.” of the Newark. N. J., fire department played an important part, occurred in the coal pockets of the Wyoming Coal Company, on the Passaic River front.

The Newarker, under Captain Doremus, responded to the first alarm, hut because of low tide was unable to get near enough to the fire to throw a big stream on it. Until the tide rose the fireboat crew stretched six lines of hose across a barge and played them on the fire. The fire broke out at 8:20 o’clock in the morning.

Fireboat Newarker of Newark, N. J., Fire Department Fighting Blaze in Coal Pockets

Courtesy Newark Evening News

Members of the Newark fire department were in imminent danger from falling beams and apparatus for hoisting during the first hour of the blaze. A steel-and-wood hoisting scaffold holding heavy raising gears described an arc suddenly from the river end of the roof toward the ground where six firemen held a hose. A single cable running to an I-beam in the roof held taut and prevented its reaching the ground and the fire-fighters. Salvage corps men hacking at the side of the structure on the north side of the plant saw the approach of a heavy cast-iron cog-wheel descending from above them a second before it crashed into bits at their feet.

The fire originated in the engine room operating the hoisting apparatus, and the cause was not determined. The loss was estimated at about $100,000.

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