Collection of Water Rentals

Collection of Water Rentals

TO THE EDITOR: I have watched in vain the legal notes published in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING for some information that would assist me in adjusting certain troubles which I have encountered in the management of our waterworks. What I desire to know, is the right of a water company to enforce its rule of collecting rentals in advance, in case a patron refuses to comply. He is willing to and does pay at the end of the collection term for using their water for six months, but refuses to pay before that time. Perhaps you have in your possession some record of a similar case that will enable you to answer my questions. By the enclosed application blank you will notice that the patron agrees to pay in advance when he signs his contract, but contends that we have no right to ask for payment in advance, that we cannot collect in advance, and that he will not pay for water before it has been served him. He refers to other cities where 90 per cent. of the service is metered, and also to electric and gas companies where meters are used and bills are paid at the end of the service. Any information, you can furnish on this subject will be thankfully received.

Respectfully yours,

CHAS. A. FARNAHAN, Secretary.

Collinsville, Conn., January 2, 1913.

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