Colorado Firemen’s Association Celebrates

Colorado Firemen’s Association Celebrates

The Colorado State Firemen’s Association now has under its banner 96 departments. In the monthly letter of the association sent out by Secretary J. F. McCormack, it is suggested that the association celebrate by spreading “good cheer on December 23 to 25. One suggestion is that the members of the association of each town and city attend some church in a body on Sunday, December 23. Another is that the members spread “good cheer” at Christmastide in their having “Christmas Trees” for the youngsters. That this idea is taken hold the following extract from a letter to Secretary McCormack from W. A. Shellabarger, secretary of the Castle Rock Hose Co. No. 1, Castle Rock, Colo, plainly shows. Mr. Shellabarger writes:

“At our last regular meeting, your monthly letter was read And we note that you again request the members of the association to do and thing worth while to commemorate the anniversary of the best organization in Colorado, namely the Colorado State Firemen’s Association. You can count on Castle Rock Hose Co. No. 1, to do something and for that was appointed to make arrangements to properly both active occasion. We are going to try to get all of our member both active and honorary, to attend church on December 23 This is going to be some job, Mack, but we are going to try it once anyway Christmas Eve, we are going to have a big tree for all of the kids in the community. In order to get all the boys and girls in from the country we have arranged with the school board here to get the schoo1 busses to go out and bring them in. The program will be furtfished principally by the school children and the Firemen’s Girl Band. I might mention that this is a thirty piece band and is backed by the firemen They cal entertainment here on December 14 to help defray the expenses of the Christmas celebration.

“We will good supply of candy, nuts, etc. If there are any needy families in the community, they will not be forgotten on Christmas Day. All the churches, schools business houses and in fact the whole town is co-operating with us on this cess so are going to make a real success of it.

Not only at Christmas-time, but at all times, the volunteer fire departments should leading spirits in all the towns in Colorado where they exist. Let us all do what we can to make them such.”

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