Columbus Closes 12 Houses— Fires 168 Men

Columbus Closes 12 Houses— Fires 168 Men

Twelve fire engine houses in Columbus, Ohio, have been closed and 168 firemen have been dismissed as an economy move, in line with cuts in other departments, to cut down the cost of local government.

Four truck companies and eight engine companies will be in service, but there will no longer be any school inspections. Neither will there be salvage and rescue units. The Fire Prevention Bureau, which is always an important part of a department, will have only one man. Two district Chiefs were made Lieutenants.

The need for cutting expenses is so great that ninety-five men of the Division of Street Cleaning were also dismissed, and the head of that division

painted a rather sad picture regarding the cleaning of streets and collection of rubbish. The Police Department lost 150 men.

The real cause for these sharp measures is that at the last election the voters rejected a three-mill levy and decided to operate the city on its present income.

Those at Fire Headquarters rearranged the running card and redistributed the men so that some semblance of order may be obtained, even with the limited force.

Chief Edward P. Welch hopes to bring the situation before the public at the May election and secure additional funds for the proper maintenance of his department.

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