In his valedictory message Mayor Slade of Columbus, Ga., thus alludes to the fire department of the city under its able chief, George J. Burrus:

“The fire department is vigilant, active, and self-sacrificing. The recent fire-waste in the city, in an unexampled drought, has proven their efficiency, promptness, and devotion. Their efficient chief I feel specially glad to mention, for his worth to the department. Few men can be found with more devotion to duty and ready to risk more than he, when the fire burns the fiercest. Chief Burrus has both of these in an eminent degree, hence his fitness and the discipline of his force.”

During the past year the department responded to 63 alarms, the losses being very heavy in comparison with former years, owing in a great measure to failing to turn in the alarm promptly, high winds which prevailed, and scarcity of water on Rose Hill. Losses to property owners, $11,020; insurance companies, $77,454; tota., $88,374. Amount of insurance on property actually on fire, $468,330. The manual force of the department consists of X05 volunteers, 17 paid men, and 3 substitutes; the apparatus, of 1 one-third-size Clapp & Jones engine, 1 one-third-size Silsby, with 1 one-fifth-size Silsby in reserve, I chemical engine, 1 Seagrave hook and ladder truck, 2 hose carriages, 1 hose wagon, each carrying 1,000 feet of hose, and 1 supply wagon. There are now in hand 4,800 feet 2 1-2-inch cotton hose (good) and 200 feet t-inch rubber hose (fair). There are 16 horses in the department and the fire alarm telegraph (Gamewell) under Superintendent K. K. Munn has about 12 or 13 miles of wire, 16 pony, and 6 noninterfering bells, 7 gongs, and 1 bell tower in the circuit

The finance committee of Camden, N. J., city council have decided to issue bonds for the erection of the new water works, as the present bonds are not signed properly.

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