Unusual Honor Conferred on Veteran Retiring Head of the Ohio City’s Fire Department—Career of New Chief

CHIEF JENKIN’S DANIELS, grand old man of the Columbus, Ohio fire department has been retired from active service and appointed chief emeritus. The appointment to this unusual office came as a fitting climax to his having rounded out forty-four years in the service of the fire department.

On many occcasions prior to this appointment, John P. McCune, safety director, suggested that he retire from the actual fighting of fires and permit the work on the firefighting line to be carried on by the younger fire officers. Chief Daniels often promised to give this plan consideration but whenever the apparatus rolled out to answer a call from the scene of a large fire, he was sure to be found in the thick of it, directing his men. He was urged to take it easy and to permit others to do the fighting but he said that he would rather see things himself than get a report from one of the younger officers.

Chief-Emeritus Jenkins DanielsChief Allen E. Nice

He was called to “the carpet” and received his appointment as chief emeritus. Chief Daniels in somewhat of an unsteady voice said to his men, “The reason that I had you come in to headquarters is that I am about to leave you. It is rather the parting of the ways. I want to thank you all for your cooperation during the years gone by, for if it had not been for this faithful service, I could not have been a success. I want to request that you serve my successor in the same manner that you have me.”

Safety Director McCune said, “Now when you go to a second alarm fire, you will have the same privileges as I have—to watch the fire from the outside.” A. E. Nice, who was appointed chief to fill the vacancy caused by the retirement of Chief Daniels from active service, presented Chief Daniels with a gold watch and chain. On the watch was inscribed “Presented to Chief Jenkins Daniels, March 16, 1926, by members of the Columbus department.

Chief Nice became an extra fireman in June, 1888, and he was appointed a regular fireman August 1, 1888. At that time he was only twenty-three years of age.

On August 1, 1893. he was appointed lieutenant and four years later, on February 2, 1897, he was promoted to the office of captain. Chief Nice was appointed battalion chief on March 16, 1908, and named as assistant chief on December 10, 1916. His appointment now as chief marks his climb to the highest rung in the ladder.

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