Come to San Diego for the Fire Chiefs’ Convention October 18-21

Come to San Diego for the Fire Chiefs’ Convention October 18-21

View of San Diego Looking up Broadway From the Waterfront

—Photo by H. A. Erickson

WHILE waiting for your next appointment with your Commissioner, thumb idly through your calendar pad. One day follows another with blankless similarity. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday . . . July, August, September and October.

Should you follow the sound advice of Chief Louis Almgren of San Diego, Cal., October 1 will mean more than the day when the landlord is to be remembered, the piano installment is to be paid or facing the endless bills which have a habit of sneaking in with the mailman. October 1 should bring visions of packing luggage that you will take with you on your grand, scenic, and enjoyable trip to the annual convention of the International Association of Fire Chiefs which will be held in San Diego, Cal., October 18-21.

Chief Almgren who is Chairman of the local Convention Committee, and the officers and men of the San Diego Fire Department are hard at work to see that nothing will be lacking for the comfort and entertainment of the visitors.

A member of the local committee, has written:

“Your entertainment while here will in no way interfere with the business of the convention itself.”

San Diego is located in the far southwest corner of the United States and it has many things to offer the visitor that cannot be found elsewhere. It has a land locked harbor of twenty-two square miles.

Hotel at Aqua Caliente, Mexico

Cool breezes sweeping in from the Pacific make her summers delightfully refreshing while her winters are green and flowery. There are over five hundred points of interest in and around the city.

The park system of San Diego embraces thirty separate areas with a total of 2,600 acres of ground. Its Balboa Park has often been described in periodicals. This park, which has a zoo in which animals live in quarters similar to their natural habitats, comprises 1,400 acres.

San Diego is the birth place of California and the visitor may see the crumbling walls of the military enclosure on Presidio Hill where civilization began on the Pacific slope. In the city may be inspected the first old mission of the state— the San Diego de Alcala, built in 1769.

Besides such points of interest to historians, the United States Naval Training School and Marine Base is located there. San Diego is the headquarters for the destroyer and submarine squadrons as well as the base for several scout cruisers. Across the bay on North Island is the headquarters for the aircraft squadrons and battle fleet, and the United States Naval Air Station.

But the city offers much more than sea dogs and “battle wagons.”

It has many beaches where surf bathing may be enjoyed. There are surf and deep sea fishing for those who love to fight for the fish that they hook. The waters are well stocked with game fish.

Lovers of scenic beauty will find a direct appeal at La Jolla, the beautiful and delightful residential resort.

And who hasn’t hear of Agua Caliente? Although “three-horse parlay” or “ten on the nose,” may mean nothing to you, a visit to this spot will long be remembered. It is located in Mexico, eighteen miles south of San Diego and is known as America’s Deauville. It has an old world atmosphere of languor and splendor plus the comfort and service found in modern America. Agua Caliente is the most elaborate sporting center in the western hemisphere. It has a championship golf course, a mile race track with grandstand and club house, an elaborate swimming pool with medical baths, a casino and a large hotel. The buildings and decorations are in the best Spanish style. Around the grounds are well kept flower beds and shrubbery. Attendants in Mexican costumes, and orchestras playing Spanish music, make Agua Caliente one of the most engaging show places imaginable. En route to and from this sport center, one passes through Tijuana, a border town long famous for its liberal attitude toward life.

In addition to the beauty and charm of the city, California has many attractions to offer. There are five parks in California that are natural recreational centers. The largest parks are the Redwood Park, Big Basin and Humboldt State. Four of the nineteen national parks are located in California.

U. S. Grant Hotel—Convention HeadquartersCarriso Gorge Between San Diego and Imperial Valley

—Photo by Gabriel Moulin

Sequoia National Park, the park of the big trees, covers 386,000 acres. It has numerous sequoia trees twenty to forty feet in diameter and thousands of trees over ten feet in diameter.

General Grant National Park covers 2,500 acres. It was created to preserve the celebrated General Grant tree which is thirty-five feet in diameter.

Yosemite National Park in the Sierra Nevada range spreads over 720,000 acres. It contains the Yosemite Valley and three groves of big trees.

Lassen Volcanic National Park includes 79,000 acres. Its chief points of interest are the hot springs, mud geysers, fantastic lava fields, volcanic cones and Lassen Peak, the only active volcano in the United States. It is 10,577 feet high.

In addition to the national parks in California, several national parks may be visited on the way out to San Diego and on the return trip back home. Much depends upon the route selected. Bryce canyon is located in southwestern Utah, Crater Lake in southwestern Oregon, Glacier in northwestern Montana, Grand Canyon in north central Arizona, Mount Rainier in west central Washington, Yellowstone in northwestern Wyoming, southwestern Montana and northeastern Idaho and Zion Park in southwestern Utah.

A large number of the visitors may prefer to come to San Diego by boat via the Panama Canal. This makes a beautiful trip and one that is different. Should this be the route selected, the first port in the states after a wonderful sea voyage, will be San Diego and the panorama that passes by upon entering San Diego Bay will be remembered for a long time.

The headquarters of the convention will be at the U. S. Grant Hotel located in the heart of the business and theatre district.

According to preliminary plans, the San Diego convention of the International Association of Fire Chiefs promises to be a profitable and eventful one.

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