Coming Next Month

Coming Next Month

For several years past, the May issue of FINE ENGINEERING has been devoted to the many problems of industrial fire protection. Next month we will continue this custom and have scheduled several articles we feel are of importance to the field.

A staff report of fire protection at a major plastics producing plant will lead off, followed by a discussion of sealing fire-retardant-treated wood building construction materials. The development of efficient fire-resistant air filters for industrial purposes will be included, as well as a report on fire protection methods in use at a major eastern oil refinery.

Municipal fire protection is not overlooked, despite the concentration on the industrial side. The modernization program presently under way at Portland, Oregon’s fire bureau will be thoroughly covered and the first installment of the Grand Rapids report of the Civil Service Classifications and Examination Committee, International Association of Fire Chiefs, will appear. Tlie latter is considered one of the finest administrative studies ever to be heard at an I.A.F.C. conference.

We believe the forthcoming industrial issue will be an important contribution to the science of fire protection. We are confident you will agree.

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