Commendations for Charleston Chief

Commendations for Charleston Chief

The Charleston, S. C., Board of Fire Underwriters, at a meeting held on February 26, in that city, passed a series of resolutions commending Fire Chief Louis Behrens for his good work not only in the extinguishing of fires and protection of the city, but also in the matter of fire prevention. The resolutions call attention to the fact that under the management of Chief Behrens, the fire department is not only a fire-fighting organization of great efficiency, but is a definite force for the observance of fire prevention law. The resolutions in their entirety are as follows:

“That this board, speaking as the representative of the fire insurance companies underwriting fire risks in Charleston, and also as citizens keenly interested in the conservation of life and property within the city, voice, thus publicly, the great debt that is due to Louis Behrens, who has acted chief of our fire department during a long period of time.

“The zeal of Chief Behrens, not only in exceptional administration of his department for the control of fire but in the far more progressive and enlightened field of fire prevention, has brought him under the notice of underwriters and municipal fire departments far and wide. Under his administration the department exists, not only as a firefighting organization of exceptional efficiency, but as a definite force for the observance of law as affecting fire hazard.

“It is therefore right and proper that the Charleston Board of Fire Underwriters make acknowledgment of the debt that is due Chief Louis Behrens of the Charleston fire department, and that a copy of this resolution be sent him, ami given to the Charleston press.”

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