August 7th, 1921.

The Fire Engineer:—

Copy of The Fire Engineer for July at hand, note with pleasure your announcement of an added feature, the idea of a technical department is indeed a good one, especially in the hands of such a practical and thorough student of the subject, the author of “Science in Fire Fighting.”

Perusal of his book shows the author is a deep thinker, knows his subject and has gone beyond the usual field. It is an education on fire matters on a higher plane.

Permit me to say, as a matter of criticism, a technical department is timely, in fact its omission has been the one weak spot in The Fire Engineer.

Firemen in general appreciate the great value of fire prevention, but fires do and will always occur, therefore it is only natural that subjects appertaining to fire fighting are nearest to his heart. For when the other methods fail, he-of the bureau of fire extinguishment is the .last resort and must make good.

Wishing you success in the new venture, truly yours,


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