Community Service Offered by Rescue Fire Co. of Cambridge, Md.

Community Service Offered by Rescue Fire Co. of Cambridge, Md.


The Rescue Fire Company of Cambridge, Md., was organized in 1882 and incorporated in 1885. Since that time the 75-volunteer-member company, in addition to its fire fighting achievements, has been active in community activities and as a leader in youth recreation programs. It is also one of the enthusiastic participants in the Maryland State firemen’s training program.

At present the company consists of Ladder 1, a 75-foot Seagrave aerial and 13 members; Engine 2, a 1,000-gpm Seagrave pumper and six members; Engine 3, a 1,000-gpm American LaFrance pumper and five members; Engine 4, a 1,000-gpm American LaFrance pumpertanker with a 650-gallon tank and eight members; Salvage Corps 2, with a GMC unit and nine members; Hose Company 1 and 2, whose 26 members operate a single service apparatus; and an ambulance operated by a crew of three members. Chief Wesley Horner commands the company and is assisted by William H. Meyers and John K. Beach.

Each year the company decorates its attractive firehouse inside and out and a special Yuletide garden, and conducts an open house to which it invites the children of the community.

Rescue Fire Company also has a continuing program of youth activity in an effort to assist in the battle against juvenile delinquency. A roller skating arena was built by the members and is open every night in the week except Sunday. On Saturday afternoons a free matinee is provided for children under 16 years of age.

The arena has a capacity of 3,000 persons and is frequently used by other charitable organizations. It can accommodate dances, shows or meetings. At present the firemen are preparing plans for a community swimming pool which will be opened in 1958.

Acknolwedgement: The foregoing material was supplied by J. Meredith Marshall, treasurer, Rescue Fire Company and Robert C. Byrus, director, Fire Service Extension, University of Maryland. The cover photo was taken by Russel T regor.

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