Company Members Save Fireman’s Life

Company Members Save Fireman’s Life

Twenty-two blood transfusions from as many comrades in the New York Fire Department between February 28th to March 29th, are credited with helping to save the life of Fireman Robert Grant of Engine Co. No. 33, who left Bellevue Hospital last week.

Grant and Fireman Frank C. Murray of the same company, were the victims of a rear-end collision between the hose wagon and the pumping engine of that company on February 28th while re-locating to “cover-up” for another fire company. Murray’s two legs were severed. He died two days later.

Grant’s left leg was amputated. Dr. Harry M. Archer of the Fire Department summoned blood donors immediately from an established list of blood donors which the fire department maintains.

Dr. Archer said that the case was most remarkable; that there is no other like it on record, where twenty-two persons each contributed a pint of blood to one patient. It was disclosed that the red cells in Grant’s blood were built up from 1,250,000 to 6,350,000; the white cells from 8,600 to 15,150, and the iron in his blood was improved from 45 per cent to 100 per cent as indicated last night.

Soon after Grant’s leg was operated on, a general blood poisoning set in, which for a time had the doctors skeptical of the outcome. but blood transfusion soon improved his condition to the point that made it reasonably safe to tell him, two months later, that his comrade Murray had died. Fire Commissioner John J. Dorman took unusual interest in the case and made many visits to the hospital. The Firemen’s Emergency Fund will provide Grant with an artificial leg just as soon as he is able to wear one.

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