Compensation for Firemen

Compensation for Firemen

Plans were completed at Charlotte, N. C., on May 24 at a meeting of state fire, county and municipal organizations with regard to compensation for firemen serving outside their tax-supported governmental units.

A committee was appointed to present a program to the 1939 General Assembly of the state. Those to serve on this committee, which was named by Jerome B. Flora, Elizabeth City, N. C., President of the State Firemen’s Association, include:

Chief Hendrix Palmer, Charlotte: State Fire Marshal Sherwood Brockwell, John B. Miller, Frank W. Bennett, Durham; H. B. Burdette, Monroe, and Chairman Henry W. Harkey, Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners.

The Attorney General of North Carolina has ruled that firemen hurt in answering calls outside of the city limits are not eligible for compensation. City firemen are continually being called upon to go outside the city to fight fires, and the danger of this kind of work has made it vitally important that something be done to protect these men.

What program the committee will propose and present to the next general assembly of the Stale of North Carolina will not be known for some time, as they will carefully frame the measure they desire enacted.

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