Completes 30 Years as Chief

Completes 30 Years as Chief

Chief Albert Volk, of the Marshall, Minn., Fire Department, on July 1, celebrated the 30th anniversary of his appointment as its head. Another anniversary that falls close to the culmination of his long service as chief is that of the founding of the Marshall Fire Department, which took place on July 14, 1890, 37 years ago.

In commemoration of Chief Volk’s anniversary, he was presented with a solid gold badge with inscriptions indicating his length of service. The chief originally enrolled in the fire department in 1890. When officers were elected in 1890. he was named foreman, and on July 1 in the following year he was elected head of the department. Since then he has served in that capacity continually, winning re-election during most of those years by acclamation.

The chief has schooled the personnel of the department in methods of fighting fires, outlining means of combatting blazes in the major business places of the city, with the result that the department has a fine record in controlling and extinguishing fires and preventing what might have developed into conflagrations. The department also has a reputation for many quick runs, though Chief Volk has always warned against reckless and too fast driving in order to prevent accident. Four new pieces of apparatus have recently been added to the department.


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