Complimentary Banquet to President Firestone

Complimentary Banquet to President Firestone

Harvey S. Firestone, President of the Firestone Fire & Rubber Company, Akron, Ohio, was tendered a complimentary banquet December 20, to celebrate his fiftieth anniversary. The hosts were the foremen, department managers, factory managers and executives of the Akron organization. There were present as guests beside Mr. Firestone, Mrs. Firestone, Harvey S., Jr., who just returned from his duties as Flight Officer with the Naval Reserve Flying Corps; also Russel, Leonard, Raymond, Roger and Elizabeth. At 6.30 between six and seven hundred sat down to dinner in the auditorium of the Firestone Club House, Firestone Park. The Firestone Orchestra provided the music.

A feature of the banquet was the cutting of the gigantic birthday cake, from which fifty birthday candles burned, and which was brought into the auditorium by two of Mr. Firestone’s younger children. Mr. J. W. Thomas, general superintendent, filled the role of toastmaster. A. G. Partridge, general sales manager, who has been with the organization somewhat over thirteen years, spoke of the early days of his connection, when the number of employees approximated 100, and when the pneumatic tire industry was in its infancy. Mr. Partridge referred to the fact that Mr. Firestone had been in the habit of holding family gatherings on the occasion of bis anniversary each year, at which the same cake ceremony was duly observed. This year Mr. Firestone was still holding the family gathering, but included not only his personal family but bis business family as well. Mr. Dan Goodenberger, who has also been with the company a good many years, talked of the growth of the organization, and presented Mr. Firestone with a jeweled scarfpin. Mr. Fire stone in reply spoke with a great deal of feeling of the happy associations and fine spirit which had always per meated the organization, and of his appreciation at being honored by this celebration of his fiftieth anniversary.

Lieutenant H. K. Black, G. F. A. R. F. C., of the news division, spoke briefly on two or three sidelights of the war. T. H. Black during the course of the program sang several songs acceptably. After the speaking several films were shown on the screen. Lieutenant H. K. Black acted as accompanist.

Additional fire protection will be given at Burlington, Vt., to the pumping station and the electric light station on the lake front with the installation of a turret, which is expected soon. The turret has a four-inch pipe and three nozzles, and will be mounted on the east side of the roof of the electric light station for use in case of fire. The turret differs from the ordinary hydrant because it can be turned a round.

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