Compulsory Fire Prevention Education

Compulsory Fire Prevention Education

Compulsory fire prevention education in the schools of New York State is provided for in the Whitcomb Bill, just signed by Governor Smith. The study will accordingly become a part of the regular curriculum on September 1, next.

The law, which is brief, provides that: “The commisioner of education is hereby directed to provide and prescribe a course of instruction in fire prevention relating to the protection of life and property against loss or damage as a result of preventable fire, for use in the schools of the state, as prescribed by this article.

“The board of education, trustees, principal or other person in charge of every public, private and parochial school in the state shall arrange tor giving such course of instruction in every school under its or his control or direction. Such instruction shall be given to all of the pupils in every such school for a period of not less than fifteen minutes in each week during which such school is in session.”

Other states having similar statutes in force are, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, South Carolina. West Virginia, Ohio. Wisconsin, Nebraska, California. Iowa and New Jersey.

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