Concord’s New Reservoir.

Concord’s New Reservoir.

The following details are given of the place for the construction of the new reservoir at Concord. N. H.; the contract for the building of which was recently let.

It is to be located about a mile and a half from the passenger station on the Walker land at the head of Penacook street. The reservoir is to be a basin, formed in excavation and embankment. Its shape is to be oval, with interior sides sloping uniformly from the finished top of the embankment to the bottom of the excavation. The interior sloping is to be rendered water tight by puddling with clay, if necessary, and protected against erosion by granite block paving, laid on a broken stone or screened gravel backing.

The capacity of this reservoir will be a little more than 2,000,000 gallons, and its high water level will be 253 feet above the city base.

Following are the dimensions :

The supply main through which the reservoir is to be filled and emptied is to be twenty-four inches in diameter, of castiron.

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