Former Chief Jones, editor and proprietor of the Westporter, of Westport, Conn., has the following kinds words for the silver jubilee number of FIRE AND WATER:

“FIRE AND WATER sends out Christmas greetings to its many readers in the form of a superb number, which celebrates the silver wedding, or twenty-fifth anniversary of that most excellent journal.”

Twenty-five years ago FIRE AND WATER, then known as The National Fireman’s Journal, started upon its career, occupying a field never before entered. It has met with a gratifying measure of success in giving the news in relation to fire protection, but it now proposes to improve upon its past record and will signalise its twenty-fifth anniversary by changing its title to the more descriptive one of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. Shcpperd & Burn ham, of New York, the publishers, are to be congratulated upon the satisfactory results attained thus far, and upon the promise of a broadened usefulness in the future.—The Spectator, New York, Jan. a.



The following selections from many congratulatory letters and notices speak for themselves:


My Dear Sir:—I desire at this season of the year to extend my hearty congratulations to FIRE AND WATER on its twenty-fifth anniversary. During these many years I have been a reader (I may say a student) of your entertaining and instructive journal. The great influence that it has been to the fire service in the uplifting of the manual force, in the introduction of new appliances for extinguishing fires, and in advocating better construction to aid firemen in bringing under control a fire, is readily acknowledged by all thoughtful firemen.

I tender to you personally and to FIRE AND WATER my best wishes for a Happy New Year and continued prosperity.

I inclose herewith an old envelope (Fireman’s Journal). It is only a little souvenir, yet it awakens reminiscences both of joy and sorrow.

Ding-dong, ding-dong, comes at last to all,

This the last summons, this the last recall.

Fraternally, J. R. HOPKINS, CHIEF.

SOMERVILLE, MASS., December 28, 1902.


Dear Sirs:—I take pleasure in inclosing herewith my check to your order for $3 in payment of my subscription for the year 1903. I desire to take this chance to inform you how much I think of FIRE AND WATER and especially to compliment you on the many special editions gotten out to commemorate various events. The twenty-fifth anniversary number was fine, and likewise reflects credit on the management. It is probable that few trade papers last a quarter of a century, and you are to be congratulated on passing that period with a paper that is constantly on the improve.

Wishing you every success and a Happy New Year, I remain.

Very truly yours,


NEWARK, N. J., December 29, 1902.

FIRE AND WATER has reached its twenty-fifth birthday and celebrated the event with a special issue. It has our congratulations with the compliments of the season.—Firemen’s Herald, New York, December 25, 1902.