Both Club and Association Hold Convention at New London, Conn. List of Officers Eleeted—Good Meeting and Attendance

CHIEF C. H. ROSE of New London was elected president of the Connecticut State Firemen’s Association at the fortysecond annual convention of this organization held at Wentworth Hall, Chapel street, New Haven, Conn., on August 18—19. President Rose succeeds Charles Heineman of Meriden. Other officers elected for the coming year were as follows: Captain Edward J. Foley, Bridgeport, first vicepresident; David W. Harford, South Norwalk, secretary; Michael T. Souney, New Britain, treasurer and the Rev. Father Michael Ryan of South Meriden, chaplain; County vice-presidents chosen were: S. W. Brotherton, Norwalk; James McCoort, New London; Fred Dumas, Putnam; George Milne, Rockville; George Pitts, Middletown; C. W. Camp, Plantsville; Charles Stone, Winsted; Thomas C. Bracken.

Chief C. H. Rose, New London, Conn.

The Fire Chiefs’ club of Connecticut held its annual convention in connection with the state association meeting and elected the following officers for the coming year: Chief Rufus B. Fancher, New Haven, president; David W. Harford, South Norwalk, first vice-president; Chief D. E. Johnson, Bridgeport, second vice-president and David B. Mercer, Westville, secretary and treasurer. The Chiefs’ club adopted resolutions concerning the recent death of Albert E. Winchester of South Norwalk, who for many years was a guiding figure among the chiefs and one of the officers of the club.

At the opening of the State Association convention, retiring President Heineman presented his successor, President-elect Charles FI. Rose with a handsome gavel, pointing out that the association bad not been in possession of a gavel since the passing of the gavel presented to the body years ago by Chief Hendricks of New Haven. John W. Murphy, president of the New Haven Board of Aldermen, representing Mayor Fitzgerold who was unable to attend the session, extended a greeting on behalf of the people of New Haven. Mr. Murphy’s remarks on compensation of firemen brought forth much applause from the 300 or more delegates at the session.

He said that he believed that while the firemen of the state were working under the benefits of the Workmen’s Compensation law, they should be paid full salary rather than the onehalf as set by the law. President Rose replied to the remarks of Mr. Murphy and extended thanks to the city of New Haven for the hospitality given the state firemen.

Secretary Harford in his remarks said that the state association membership was over 13,000 and during the past year seven members lost their lives through mishaps at duty, which was a record for one year, and being greater than the year of the New Haven County Jail fire, when six firemen met their death, that number being the total for the year.

hollowing the election of county vice-presidents, Michael J. Whalen of Hamden, secretary of the legislative committee, reported of the successful efforts made in the passing of the right of way hill in the Connecticut State legislature at its last session and the act as it appeared in the public acts was read to the meeting by Delegate Whalen.

Francis Murray, former chief of the Morris Cove fire company and now a representative for the American-LaFrance Fire Engine Company in the New England territory, gave the convention a splendid talk on the question as to whether or not drivers of fire apparatus were liable in case of accidents while driving fire apparatus. The same question arose recently in the New York state convention at Syracuse, according to Mr. Murray. when the attorney general of New York was consulted for his opinion on the subject.

“This is a vital matter, particularly for the volunteer companies,” said Mr. Murray, “where business men drive fire apparatus and in the event of mishaps they would probably lose their property if claims were made against them individually, and that if such was the case many would be loathe to drive apparatus. Legislation should be made or corrected to prevent any liability being placed on the drivers.” The matter was referred to legislative committee.

The convention, on the offering of a resolution by a delegate from the Waterbury department, voted that the state association protest against the practise of life, health and accident insurance companies certifying a fireman as a hazardous risk, it being brought out at the meeting that with the two platoon system, and other facilities offered, the danger of which a fireman is subjected to have been lessened to such an extent as to warrant a re-adjustment from what the petitioner claimed the “old time, obsolete and antiquated” methods.

Fallowing the memorial service conducted by Chaplain Father Ryan, the convention voted to hold the 1926 convention in New London, Conn., the date to be determined by the executive committee.

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