Connecticut Chiefs’ Emergency Plan Meets

Connecticut Chiefs’ Emergency Plan Meets

The Fairfield County Fire Chiefs’ Emergency Plan held its “Charter Meeting’ at Stamford, Conn., on the evening of Wednesday, June 28, with about sixty present. There were among the guests Chiefs Sullivan, President; Arthur Steuhl, Past-President, and Captain Riviere, Secretary of the Fire Chiefs’ Emergency Plan, the parent organization. Chief Victor H. Veit, Stamtord, President, presided, and the members were welcomed by Mayor Joseph Boyle, Stamford. Each of the visiting officers from Westchester made a short address, urging the members of the new organization to stand back of their President and give him all the support in their power.

Ex-Chief Mulcahey, Yonkers, N. Y., Secretary-Treasurer of the I. A. E. C., spoke of the early struggles of the original Chiefs’ Plan and the difficulties which beset the men who had been instrumental in formulating this new idea in fire chiefs’ organizations. He emphasized the advantages which had accrued to the Fire Departments of Westchester County through the success of the Plan, especially in the bringing of the officers together in mutual understanding and friendship.

Chief Bogardus, of Norwalk, suggested that all Chiefs of Connecticut bring to the next meeting a list of the apparatus, etc., available for help in case of need.

On invitation of Chief H. Askew, it was decided to hold the first meeting of the Fall at Turn-of-the-River, Conn., on Wednesday evening, October 25.

A clam chowder supper was served by the local department at the close of the meeting.

Waupun, Wis., has standardized its hose threads to conform to the thread used at Fond du Lac.

A motor pumper has been purchased by East Rushville. Pa. Water will be drafted from large cisterns about the village.

The erection of a drill tower and the purchase of a new fire engine, was recommended by Chief Thomas L. Coyle of Paterson, N. J., in his annual report.

Putting out a cat may be an ordinary task, but to Thomas P. Brophy, Chief Fire Marshal of the New York Fire Department, it served as a means of indicting a druggist for arson. Normally the cat slept in the store. The night when an explosion took place, the druggist let his Persian cat out. A partly burned cardboard container was found which had a strong gasoline odor.

Firemen of Ottawa, Ill., have gone back to the old routine of one day off and one day on. The department tried out an arrangement of having one shift remain one week at the station while the other remained at home. The new system was started December 1, after a financial crisis in city affairs made it necessary to place firemen on a new working basis. Police now work half time on half pay while firemen work full time on half pay.

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