Connecticut Departments Set Up Mutual Aid Plan

Connecticut Departments Set Up Mutual Aid Plan

A program of mutual aid between six area fire departments in Connecticut—Weston, Wilton, Redding, Ridgefield, West Redding and Georgetown—was instituted on November 8. More than 40 fire chiefs, assistants, officers and members of the departments adopted the plan unanimously in a meeting in the Georgetown fire station. During the meeting each chief listed an inventory of all pieces of equipment in his company.

Under the plan, any one of the six towns needing assistance at a major fire calls the fire emergency number of a neighboring town, specifying the equipment and manpower needed. The nearest department to the one answering the call would go on a stand-by emergency alert to cover the answering department’s area in case of fire.

Fire Chief Wendell R. Keeler of the Georgetown Fire Company, who has been working on the details of such a program for several months, said that although in the past emergency calls had been answered by a neighboring department, it was not an organized procedure and sometimes resulted in confusion.

The six departments will meet in January to conduct a test exercise. Attending the meeting were John O’Brien, of Weston; Robert Cavutto, of Wilton; Clifton E. Palmer, Jr., of Redding; J. Birdsey Sanford, Jr., of West Redding; Acting Chief Frank Santini, of Ridgefield, and Chief Keeler.

Also attending were Assistant Chief Albert Schwartz, of Bridgeport, chairman of the Mutual Aid Committee of the Fairfield County Fire Chiefs’ Emergency Plan; and Laurence Ford, of Redding, fire coordinator of Fairfield County.

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