Connecticut State Firemen’s Convention.

Connecticut State Firemen’s Convention.

The Twenty-fifth annual convention of the Connecticut State Firemen’s association was held in the city hall, Norwich, Conn., under the presiding of William B. Perkins, of New Haven, on September 8 and 9. The delegates were welcomed by Mayor Lippite, after prayer by the Rev. Neilson Poe Carey. President Perkins responded briefly and appropriately, after which President Cary of the local board of trade, made an address, in which he passed a well deserved eulogy on Chief Howard L. Stanton and the members of the local fire department. He said that the “establishment of 3 paid fire department in any community should be regarded as the founding of a new industry, contributing, as it does, to the general prosperity of the merchants through expenditures for maintenance, supplies, repairs and payrolls. No manufacturing plant with an equal number of employes puts so much money into circulation as does the fire department of a city.” Former Chief A. C. Hendrick, of New Haven, then made a short address, and the veteran’s well chosen words were received with great applause. A Memorial Service, to which the members marched in procession, headed by a band, was held in Christ’s (Episcopal) church, which was most artistically decorated for the occasion, appropriate music being rendered by the surpliced choir. The Service was taken and the address delivered by the Rev. N. P. Carey, chaplain of the association, the Connecticut Fire Chief’s club and the local department. “Service and Sacrifice” formed bis theme, Smelly Magee read the list of the deceased members. The report of President Perkins at the adjournment session adverted to the two deaths of the year—those of Dennis Hogan of Meriden and Lieutenant Frank Conlan of New Haven—the latter from injuries received when on duty. The report of the committee on credentials showed 191 delegates present from 250 companies enrolled, and 46 department members registered out of 184—a total convention enrolment of 237. Twelve companies had joined during the year making a total membership of twenty-four companies and 167 department members. In the report of Treasurer Snagg, Waterbury, which was up to May 15, 1908, were shown the following: Receipts— State appropriation, $7,599.05; association account, $3,632.78; total $11,231.83. Expenditures— State account, $1,548.85; association account, $1,789.08—total, $3,337.93—balance, $7,893.90. The election of officers for the ensuing year resulted as follows: President, John H. Hayes, Bristol; first vicepresident, Elbert W. Clark, South Norwalk; secretary, Robert D. Magee (re-elected) ; treasurer, Samuel C. Snagg (re-elected) ; chaplain; the Rev. N. P. Carey; vicepresidents from counties—Litchfield, E. J. Kelly Torrington, Middlesex, Geo. S. Pitt, Middletown, Fairfield, Jos. V. Schupp, E. Portchester, New London, Henry A. Stable, Pawcatuck, A. F. Bolan, Hartford, Windham, Wade W. Webster, Willimantic, New Haven, Wm. Barry, West Haven, Holland, John W. Hefferon.


The following is a list of the exhibits and exhibitors :

Globe Mfg. company, Pittsfield, N. H.—Waterproof goods and department supplies; exhibit was in charge of G. F. H. Freese.

Hilton Coupling company, North Cambridge, Mass.; exhibit in charge of Frank S. Bartlett.

Combination Ladder company, of Providence— Baker standpipe, cellar-pipe and combination wagon; exhibit in charge of Joseph I.. Kelly, of Providence and II. S. Spencer, Pawtucket.

R. F. Stanton, Willimantic Underwriters’ Fire extinguishers and other appliances

C. C. C. Fire Hose company—-Represented by John McElroy, New York office.

The Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph company -Schoolhouse fire-alarm system; exhibit in charge of Frank Tiffany, of the Boston office.

Samuel Eastman company -Assortment of hose-holders and Deluge sets; exhibit in charge of Mr. Robinson.




Following is the order of business adopted by the executive committee of the Connecticut State Firemen’s Association for the coming convention at Norwich in August:

MONDAY, August 6.—Call to order at 2 P. M. sharp. Prayer. Wtlcome address by Mayor S. A. Crandall. Reading minutes of previous meeting. Presentation of credentials. Collection of dues. Reports of officers and committees. Unfinished business. Banquet by Norwich Fire Department.

TUESDAY, August 7.—Exhibition of fire apparatus. Remarks by exhibitors. Election of officers. Miscellaneous business. Volunteer reports of fire department. Selecting place for holding next convention. Reports of special committees. Adjournment.

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