Consolidated Book of Rules for New York Firemen

Consolidated Book of Rules for New York Firemen

The New York Fire Department has a new book of regulations which marks the first consolidation into one volume of various guides and orders for the uniformed personnel, it was announced in November by Fire Commissioner Jacob Grumet.

According to Commissioner Grumet, the work represents the first serious revision of departmental procedures since 1937. A total of 12,500 copies of the book were printed and bound in the department’s own printing division.

Deputy Chief of Department Arthur J. Massett, -of the Third Division, was in charge of the project, assisted by Fire Lieut. George C. Hennessey of Engine 21.

They reduced the 142 chapters and 175,000 words in the old manuals, orders and guide books to 127,000 words in 46 chapters. Preparation for the job was begun in March, 1951.

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