Vol. 95

December, 1942

No. 12


With the Editor 73

By Fred Shepperd

Night Club Holocaust in Boston Claims 500 Lives 733

By A. H. Bleclcington

Cincinnati Installs Novel Airmatic Task Unit 737

By Chief Barney J. Houston

Practical Training for Auxiliary Firemen 740

By Fred Shepperd

Why Change Volunteer Fire Chiefs? 743

By James J. Deasy

Falling Walls Crush Firemen in Five-Alarm Boston Fire 744

Bridgeport Fire Demonstrates Need for More Fire Equipment 745

By Thomas F. Magner

Industrial Plant Workers Trained by Memphis Department 746

The Round Table 747

Fire Protection Classes for Industrial Plant Watchmen

Questions and Answers 751

The Watch Desk 752

False Alarms 756

What’s Burning 758

Correspondence 764

Warfare . . 765

Manufacturers’ Announcements 767

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