Convention Arrangements, Parties, Etc.

Convention Arrangements, Parties, Etc.

In the leading pages of FIRE’AND WATER ENGINEERING of this week’s issue will be found an important letter from Chief James Armstrong of the Kingston fire department, director of the International Association of Fire Engineers, who is in charge of the arrangements looking to the accommodations of guests who arrive at Toronto for the convention of the association on July 26 to 30. This letter gives information on about every question that can be raised by delegates and visitors in regard to matters of detail. It should be carefully read, and if there should be any matter that is not perfectly clear a note addressed to Chief Armstrong will be gladly answered by him with the further information desired. There will also be found the itinerary of tours to and from the convention: one from Chicago—the well-known “Stover Special”—and the other from New York City. Further information on these different routes can be had by addressing those in charge of the tours in case the matter as presented is not perfectly clear. A list of hotels prepared by Chief Armstrong, giving location, number of rooms and prices will also be found in these columns.

Every chief of every department in the country who has not already done so should at once begin the consideration of his attendance at the convention of the International Association. No head of any department can afford to miss this opportunity, as the Toronto convention will be without doubt an epoch-making one, and there will be discussions on questions which no chief can afford to miss.

Cities and towns should arrange through the proper authorities to send the chiefs of their fire departments to this convention. The burden of this expense should be borne by the city government and not by the chief, for in the long run the city itself, through its fire department, will be the gainer by the attendance of its chief at the convention. There can be no doubt that, even more than any previous convention, the heads of fire departments will bring back with them a wealth of information on Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention.

No city or town can afford to miss this opportunity of sending its chief, and no chief of a fire department can afford to miss the opportunity of attending the convention of the International Association of Fire Engineers.


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