May 7-10—NATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION (International). 32nd Annual Meeting, Atlantic City. N. J. Secretary, Franklin H. Wentworth, 40 Central Street, Boston, Mass.

May 10-11—ARIZONA STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 5th Annual Convention, Bisbee, Ariz. Secretary, Chief W. J. Nemeck, Douglas, Ariz.

June—WISCONSIN STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 41st An nual Convention and Tournament, (tentative date) about middle of June, at Kiel, Wis. Recording secretary, E. Philip Mueller, Jefferson,

June—OKLAHOMA STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 34th Annual Convention and State Firemen’s Training School (tentative date). Blackwell, Okla. (Exact date to be fixed by Executive Board.) Secretary, Charles Slemp, 651 East 12th St., Oklahoma City.

June 5-7—KENTUCKY STATE FIRE CHIEFS’ AND FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 10th Annual Convention, Middlesboro, Ky. Secretary, Captain S. G. Render, Fire Department Instructor, 303 Speed Building, Louisville, Ky.

June 5-7—NEW YORK STATE ASSOCIATION OF FIRE CHIEFS. 22nd Annual Convention, Troy, N. Y. (meeting in conjunction with Mayors’ Conference). Secretary, Chief John H. Golden, Cohoes, N. Y.

June 16—LEBANON COUNTY FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Annual Convention, Palmyra, Pa. Secretary, William I. Kutz, Box 233, Myerstown, Pa.

June 19-21—HUDSON VALLEY VOLUNTEER FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 39th Annual Convention, Kingston, N. Y. Secretary, Chief Chris W. Noll, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Fire Department.

June 20-23 PROVINCIAL FEDERATION OF ONTARIO FIRE FIGHTERS. Annual Convention, King Edward Hotel, Toronto, Ont.. Can. Secretary-Treasurer, David H. Lamb, 132 Bellevue Avenue (2) Toronto.

June 25—NORTHWEST FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Semi-Annual Convention, Centerton, Ark. Secretary-Treasurer, F. M. Brock, Bcntonville, Ark.

June 26-29—NEW ENGLAND ASSOCIATION OF FIRE CHIEFS. 6th Annual Convention, Burlington, Vt. Sccretarv-Treasurer, Chief John W. OTIearn, Watertown. Mass., Chairman, Exhibit Committee, Frank M. Tiffany, Gamewell Company, 1022 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston.

June 28-30—ALLEGHANY COUNTY FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Annual Convention, Turtle Creek, Pa.

August—UTAH STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 21st Annual Convention, Binham Canyon, Utah. (Date to be set at April meeting.) Secretary, Harris E. Anderson, Fire Headquarters, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Aug. 22-24—VIRGINIA STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 42nd Annual Convention, Ocean View, Va. Secretary, Chief J. B. Gordon, Newport News, Va.

Sept. 18-19—IOWA FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 51st Annual Convention, Independence, la. Secretary, E. E. Parsons, Marion, La.

Sept. 18-23—PACIFIC COAST ASSOCIATION OF FIRE CHIEFS. 35th Annual Convention and School of Instruction for Firemen (Tentative Date), Sacramento, Cal. Secretary, State Fire Marshal Jay C. Stevens, Merchants’ Exchange Bldg.. San Francisco, Cal.

Oct. 1-5—PENNSYLVANIA STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Annual Convention, Uniontown, Pa. Secretary, Charles F. Clark, 411 Bellevue Avenue, Wayne, Pa.

Oct. 9-11— RAILWAY FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION. Annual meeting, place to be selected later by Executive Committee. SecretaryTreasurer, R. R. Hackett, Baltimore & Ohio R. R., Baltimore, Md.

Oct. 22-24—KANSAS STATE FIRE CHIEFS and FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATIONS and WOMEN’S AUXILIARY. 13th and 42nd Annual Conventions and 3d Meeting, respectively, Liberal, Kans. Secretary, Chief K. D. Doyle, Wamego, Kan.

Marshfield, Ore., Presented with Gold Badge—Chief H. Lacocq of Marshfield, Ore., was presented with a gold badge by members of the department in honor of his sixteen years’ service.

Coal Pocket Fire at Which One Fireman Lost His Life A fireman was killed when he fell from the slippery roof of the coal pocket. At the left is the fireboat William J. Gay nor and at the right the fireboat Zophar Mills. Twelve firemen were slightly injured in fighting the blaze.

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