Convention of the Southwestern Water Works Association

Convention of the Southwestern Water Works Association

The eighth annual convention of the Southwestern Water Works Association was held at the Coates House, Kansas City, Mo., on June 23 to 26, a large attendance of members and guests being present. The programme was as follows:

Monday, June 23, 1919, 10.00 A. M.

Invocation, Rev. Father Heckman.

Opening address, James Cowgill, Mayor.

Response to addresses of welcome. Jesse Shaw.

Regular order of business.

Calling of roll.

President’s address.


Secretary and treasurer.

Remainder of morning spent in getting acquainted.

2.00 P. M.

Some Economies That May Be Effected in the Operation and Maintenance of the Water Works System. Homer V. Knouse, C. E., Omaha, Neb.

3.00 P. M.

Water Purification and Treatment. D. H. Hunter, St. Louis, Mo.

Social—2.00 P. M.

Special Entertainment for the Ladies.

8.00 P. M.

Informal Reception and Dance at Coates House.

Tuesday, June 24, 1919, 10.00 A. M.

Sterilization of Water and Sewer—Dave Morey, Jr., Chemist and Bacteriologist, Dallas, Texas.

Municipal and Private Utilities vs. The Consuming Public, Chas. Ade, San Antonio, Texas.

Round Table Talks

The Benefits Derived from Monthly and Quarterly Reports by Superintendents to their Board.

What Is the Advantage in a Water Company Owning the Service Line to Curb Cut-off?

Monthly Meeting of all Employees that a Better Understanding and Co-operation Be Obtained.

Discussion on Mr. Whitney’s Paper, Presented at Last Convention, Subject: Pumping Equipment.

2.00 P. M. Round Table Talks

At What Charge per Month can a 5/8-inch Meter Be Installed and Maintained When Owned by the City?

The Up-Keep of Meters and Advantages Derived by Close Inspection.

What Constitutes a Water Works System? Clarence E. Kidlev, Port Arthur, Texas.

Practical Talks of Five Minutes Each by Superintendents and Members of the Association on Little Difficulties That Have Arisen in Their Experience and the Method They Use for Overcoming Them. By Jesse Shaw, Topeka, Kansas, F. H. Kilburn, Woodward, Oklahoma, and Sam Etnyre, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Social, 2.00 P. M.

Special Entertainment for the Ladies.

4 P. M.

Automobile ride over Kansas City’s Boulevard’s, ending at Electric Park.

Evening’s Entertainment at Electric Park with Special Performance of the “Follies,” and special street cars from Park to Coates House.

Wednesday, June 25, 1919, 10.00 A M.

Waste Control by House Inspection with District Metering. E. W. Case, New York.

Report of Committee to Revise Constitution.

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Round Table Talks

Why All Service Lines that Have Hot Water Boilers and Heaters in Home and Business Places; What Protection Is Offered if Disc Is Ruined by Hot Water?

Is it a Paying Investment to Meter All Fire Lines?

2.00 P. M.

Special Order.

Election of Officers, 1919-1920.

Selection of Meeting Place for 1920 Convention.

Social—12.00 Noon

Chamber of Commerce. Luncheon for past presidents, present officials, and other special delegates to the Convention.

3.00 P. M.

Special Entertainment for the Ladies.

8.00 P. M.

Informal Banquet and Cabaret at Coates House.

Thursday, June 26, 1919, 10.00 A. M.

Questions and Resolutions.

Unfinished Business.

Social—3.00 P. M.

Visit to Kansas City, Mo., and Kansas City, Kan., Water Works Plants at Quindaro.

The committee and sub-committees which had charge of the convention, which was pronounced a decided success, were as follows:

Kansas City Convention Committee — R. E. McDonnell, chairman; C. F. Lambert, vice-chairman; E. J. Merkle, treasurer; O. G. Smith, secretary.


Finance—E. J. Merkle, Interstate Building, chairman; F. M. Beeson, R. E. McDonnell.

Entertainment—E. B. Black, Interstate Building, chairman; J. L. Sybrandt, E. W. Bacharach.

Publicity—Jos. W. Ivy, Scarritt Building, chairman; D. Cambell, H. D. Hughes.

Membership—E. M. Stevens, New York Life Building, chairman; E. T. Archer, Geo. B. Weaver.

Exhibits—R. M. Stotler, Victor Building, chairman.

Hotel—E. W. Bacharach, Rialto Building, chairman.

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