Convention Time

Convention Time

IN the Good Old Summer Time” conventions seem to be the order of the day. Summer vacations and conventions apparently go hand in hand. Last week our issue was devoted largely to the meeting of water supply officials at Montreal, where many matters of interest to the fire fighters of the country, as well as to water officials, were taken up by the American Water Works Association.

THE next big convention on our program is one of fire officials. The annual meeting of the International Association of Fire Engineers will be held in Toronto, July 26 to 30, and the July 21 issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING will be the convention number. We hope that manufacturers in the fire field will take advantage of it by sending in their space reservations at an early date, assuring as significant an issue as that published last week in honor of the water officials.

WHILE the two fields work hand-in-hand, it is nevertheless essential that you who are primarily interested in fire prevention and fire protection do all in your power to make as strong a showing as possible in your end.

SEND in your reservations early—our readers are going to be on the lookout for you!

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