Convention Tributes

Convention Tributes

The Indians at Glacier Park Put on Their Best Feathers in Greeting the Eastern Regulars who Made a Brief Stop-Over on Their way to the Fire Chiefs Convention at San Francisco

Jay W. Stevens Honored

Probably no other man in the fire service has ever been honored as highly as was Jay Stevens at the Conference in San Francisco. The San Francisco Kiwanis Club staged a luncheon at which over a thousand were present in honor of Chief Stevens. At this luncheon, Mr. Aaron Frank, Donor of the Jay W. Stevens Disaster Service Unit of Portland, was introduced. All the speakers eulogized the work of Jay Stevens in the fire service and reviewed his career from the time he entered the fire fighting forces of the City of Portland, Ore., up to the present. While at the Convention, Chief Stevens was made Honorary Fire Marshal of the States of Oregon and Illinois. The Jay W. Stevens Disaster Service Unit was on display, and was christened after the Kiwanis Club luncheon, by Mrs. Roy Mottesheard, wife of the President of the Internationa! Association.

Convention Recreation

Chief Charles J. Brennan, San Francisco, Convention Host, deserves commendation for the very fine entertainment secured and provided for the delegates. On Wednesday, the “Gamewell Night” was held at the Whitcomb Hotel, through courtesy of the Gamewell Company. On Tuesday evening a very fine banquet was staged at the Palace Hotel. Friday, both day and evening, was spent at the Golden Gate International Exhibit where luncheon and supper were served. On Saturday afternoon, sightseeing was provided, while in the evening a very elaborate pageant was put on at the Civic Auditorium. The ladies had plenty of entertainment, too, including luncheons, sightseeing trips, exposition tour and boat trip.

Gamewell Rendezvous

As usual, the Gamewell Company, of Newton Upper Falls, Mass., and its President, Vincent C. Stanley, put on a most unique and highly entertaining feature at the conference. This year it consisted of an evening in a gambling “joint.” However, the “joint” was none other than the roof garden of the Whitcomb Hotel and each guest was furnished with over a million dollars in phoney currency. The evening was spent playing the various types of gambling games available and at the end of the party, those having won the largest amounts of money, or having the largest amount left, were awarded attractive gifts.

Trailer for Chief Brennan

Chief Brennan had often expressed the desire of getting into a trailer and traveling around the country when he had a little time away from his busy job as Chief of the San Francisco Fire Department. Word to this effect reached representatives of the Pacific Coast Association of Fire Chiefs, and on Thursday there appeared in the exhibit hall a very elaborate trailer, completely equipped, as the gift of that Association to Chief Brennan.

A Badge for Aaron Frank

Aaron Frank, donor of the Jay W. Stevens Disaster Service Unit to the City of Portland, was presented with a diamond studded badge at the Kiwanis Club luncheon. The badge, shown herewith, contains sixty-three diamonds, each given by a friend of his in Portland. Mr. Frank, long a friend of the fire service, and particularly of Chief Stevens, had many fine things to say about the Association, its membership, and particularly the Chief.

When the Disaster Service Unit was originally presented to Portland over 6,000 people were present in the Portland Municipal Auditorium to pay tribute to Jay Stevens and to Mr. Frank, donor of the unit. Almost as many were turned away, after the building was filled. Over 2,000 telegrams of congratulations were also received.

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