The Virginia State Firemen’s association met in convention at Richmond last week. There was a very large attendance, every one of the thirtylive departments in the State being represented by large delegations. In the absence of Governor Swanson his private secretary represented him and captured the convention with a short and witty address. Mayor McCarthy, in his address, created great enthusiasm with his pithy and epigrammatic sayings. The old historic city was very tastefully and artistically decorated for the occasion. The association has been in existence twenty years. Its officers for the year 19051906 were as follows: President, John H. Redwood, Richmond: senior vicepresident. Chief R S. Parks, Suray: secretary, George 1C Cumining, Portsmouth; treasurer, Chief I. J. Williams, Charlottesville: chaplain, the Rev. C. 11. Smith; statistician, James H. Dwyer, Harrisburg. The proceedings were of the accustomed sort. Outside of the convention, a review of the firemen took place before the city officials in front of the city hall and the city department gave an exhibition drill, directing a stream 225 ft. high over the tower of the city hall. The parade formed a great feature as did the tournament. At the latter many of the events were vigorously contested and the Lexington department (R C. Bnwyer, chief), won the first prize of $150 in the speed trial, its time being 29⅛ seconds. This hose race was free to all.


I he thirteenth annual tournament of the Nebraska State Firemen’s association took place at Fremont. The opening parade comprehended the tire departments of Fremont, Seward, Co lutnbia. Bancroft, David City and Holdredge. Columbia won the prize for the largest delegation, and David Cite that for the best uniformed company. Chief Martensen was grand marshal. The events were well contested and the prizes consisted of money awards from $5 to $100 and trophy belts.


The Colored Firemen’s Association of North Carolina held its seventeenth annual convention at Winston, The attendance was large, about JOO delegates representing twenty departments, being present The presiding officer was John J Plummer, Warrentown. The delegates were welcomed to the city by Mayor baton, and on behalf of the colored people of the town, by Prfessor Atkins, of the State school. J. R Repass, Washington, delivered the address in reply to both these sneakers The parade extended over a very long space, after which followed a tournament with money prizes, ranging from $10 to $40. The officers elected to serve during the ensuing year were as follows: President. John S. Plummer, Washington (re-elected); vicepresidents. F. F. Chambers. Statesville, and S. P Wright, M l).. Salisbury : treasurer, J. G. Lattie, Winston: secretary, Peter Collins. Warrenton; statistician. Professor A J. Brown. Washington Next year the convention will meet at Winston.


At the annual convention of the New York State Firemen’s association, held at Jamestown, I lmira was chosen as the next place of meeting. I he officers elected for the ensuing year were the following: President, Thomas P. Ilcffernan. Dunkirk ; vicepresidents, F. F. Kelley, Elmhurst, John I. Kvne, Fast Syracuse; secretary, Thomas Monahan, Frankfort; treasurer, John P. Powers. Ossining.


McDonald, Pa., was the place of meeting for the thirteenth annual convention of the Western Pennsylvania Firemen’s association. There were 250 delegates present. The sessions were devoted entirely to business matters and to plans for the betterment of the conditions governing firemen and tire departments, especially in the lute of relief funds and benefit associations. Financially the association makes a good showing. the balance carried over to the next year being $576. The officers elected for the year uxtfi-07 were as under: President, Benjamin S. Hough. Wilmerding; vicepresidents. W O. Williams, North Braddoek; Bert Eastland. McDonald. and G A. Conrad. Mount Oliver; secretary, W. H. Sharah, Braddoek; treasurer, James II. Steel, Wilkinshurg, who was also elected an honorary life member, as a token of the appreciation in which his many great services were held by the association. The next place of meeting will he Kittanning. In the parade and at the tournament were present 2,500 uniformed firemen from the departments of Uniontown, Carrack, Mount Oliver, Glassport, Kittanning, North Braddoek, Rochester, Whittaker, Turtle Creek, McDonald, Oakdale, East McKeesport, Beaver Falls, Scottsdale, New Haven, Homestead and Bridgeport, Ohio. The contest was won by the Turtle Creek men in forty-eight seconds, the same department also winning the hose reel in twenty-seven seconds. The horsehose contest resulted in a tic between Uniontown and Rochster (fortv-nine seconds), the contestants dividing die first and second prizes. The htth-and-hub prize fell to Fast McKeesport.


The New England Veteran Firemen’s association held its sixteenth annual hand-engine muster at Providence, R. 1., whose Veteran Firemen’s association was responsible for the arrangements. I htse were carried out most successfully. No less than forty-six engines were entered and the contests were very exciting throughout. The prizes were $200, $150, $100, $50, and a trophy torch to the winner to hold till the next contest. It was won by the F’irc King, of Pawtuxet, with a record of 234 ft. 83 in. The steam was horizontal and thrown through 210 feet of iron pipe, with a 10-ft. section of rubber hose at the end of the pipe and a 30-ft. section of rubber hose at the engine—250 ft. in all. The playing lasted for eight minutes. The Fire King’s record gives it the fourteenth place in the list of the fifty best record hand-engines in the New England States. The East Providence association won the banner for the best appearance in the parade, which was reviewed by Governor Lttcr, Mayor Dyer, former Chief Eli Bates, of tne New York city department, and many others.


The London fire brigade was reviewed in Hyde Park, on the parade ground, with Captain J. de C. Hamilton, R. N., in command. Two hundred and sixteen officers and men, with eight steamers, eight horsed escapes and seven other pieces of apparatus—all that could be spared were ott the ground. The medals won by the firemen during the year were —one of silver to fireman 11. T. Harbour for exceptional braveryawarded by the county council were presented b.v Mrs. Spicer, wife of Evan Spicer, chairman of the council. An exhibition of drills followed the review. It included rescue work, and exemplified also the methods adopted for getting out and to work at a fire in the shortest possible time,

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