Syracuse, N. Y.—The appointment of Charles S. Coombs, district chief in the Bureau of Fire, to succeed Thomas F. Ryan as head of the department, has been announced by Frank T. Miller, commissioner of public safety, along with the following appointments:

Captains Milton H. Harger, Henry R. Yeomans and Daniel M. Shea are made district chiefs.

Lieutenants Edward F. Winter, Michael Quigley and George Winter are made captains.

Fireman Hugh V. Dillon, William J. Connelly and Thomas J. Savage are made lieutenants.

Chief Ryan, who was appointed to the Bureau of Fire August 29, 1883, retired August 8, having reached the age limit of 65. Starting as a hoseman, he worked his way to the top, and leaves behind him a department completely motorized, which is looked upon as one of the most efficient in the United States.

Chief Coombs, who now takes over Chief Ryan’s duties, was appointed to the department May 30, 1887. He, too, started as a plain fireman and worked his way up. He is the senior district chief and his appointment was expected.

Chief Coombs is at present 57 years old and has eight years to serve as head of the department. Chief Gieselman will be designated by Commissioner Miller as the district chief to preside over the department in Chief Coombs’s absence.

Commissioner Miller, in announcing the appointments, said :

“I am glad to be able to confer this honor on Chief Coombs, a faithful officer. The new district chiefs are all fine men and, of course, we expect great things of them. In fact all of the men whose promotions are herewith announced are of a type of which the city may be justly proud.

“It is with regret that we see Chief Ryan leave the service after so many years of faithful service. He has been the ideal officer, determined, kindly and fair. hope the men who .are moving up in the department will some day be able to look upon records as honorable and fine as is Chief Ryan’s.”

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