Had Been Suspected and Watched for Two Weeks in Tenafly, N. J.— In Each Instance He Gave Alarms

WALTER GEIGER, 26 years old, a Tenafly, N. J., policeman, was arrested on June 18, charged with causing ten fires which have made the town fearful of incendiaries, Geiger, who, the police of the town allege, has confessed to Ihree incendiary fires, had been suspected for some time because there had been several suspicious fires on his patrol. He had been watched for two weeks. Early on the morning of June 18 he was seen by the police commissioner and a detective to enter Glessner’s garage. They reported later that he set fire to ati automobile.

Put in the jail in the Borough Hall, Geiger is said to have made a confession to Acting Chief of Police and other officials. ”I just couldn’t resist the temptation to set things on fire,” Geiger is quoted as confessing, “and then I’d join in fighting the flames.”

Recorder J. S. Maugham committed the policeman, who waived examination, to the Hackensack jail without bail for the Grand Jury. Geiger is to be charged with causing the fires at Dawson’s garage on Feb. 13, Reed’s drygoods store on March 22, Coleman’s barn on April 11, Savin’s barn on April 16, when three automobiles were destroyed; Jatz’s barn on April 17, the high school athletic field grandstand on April 15, Herman’s barn on June 15, Knox’s garage on June 16, Glessner’s garage June 18, and a fire that caused $100,000 of damage to several stores in December. The village detective said he would ask County Physician W. E. Ogden to examine the policeman’s mental condition.

Geiger has been a resident of Tenafly for five years and before he became a policeman was well known as a base-ball player on the local field.

Binghamton, N. Y., Water Reported Excellent—-Citychemists reported the water of Binghamton, N. Y., to be of excellent quality.

Marion, O., Troubled by Iron Rust—Due to the rupture of a large water main, the people of Marion, Ohio, are troubled by an unusual amount of iron rust in the water.

National Cast Iron Pipe Has New Dallas Office—The Dallas, Tex., office of the National Cast Iron Pipe Company is now located in the Santa Fe Building.

Lewisburg, Tenn., Completes Water Works System—The city of Lewisburg, Tenn., recently completed a $250,000 gravity water works system. The system was completed by the Sherman Machine and Iron Works of Oklahoma City and will supply water from the springs in the nearby ridges.

Phenix City, Ala., Connects With Girard—An emergency connection was established between the water supply of Phenix City, Ala., amGGirard. About 4,000 feet of water mains were laid to establish this connection and this averted a possible shortage of water in Phenix City.

Martin Ferry, O., Well Has Water of Good Quality—The officials of Martin Ferry, Ohio, are delighted with the quality of the water in the well recently drilled near the river bank. The water from the new well is much softer than that from the old well.

W. Kiersted, Jr., Acting Supt. Kansas City W. W.—Xo appointment has as yet been made in the position of chief engineer and superintendent of the Kansas City, Mo., water works, made vacant by the resignation of Charles S. Forman. In the mean time. Wynkoop Kiersted, Jr., first assistant engineer, is acting chief engineer of the water department.

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