C.O.R.E. Skill Drills: Street of the Day

Photo by Tony Greco.

By Forest Reeder

C.O.R.E. #8 provides training discussion points and skills for each level of operation in many fire departments. In some departments, members may have to perform across many levels of job descriptions to accomplish the organizations missions. Use your local training materials to determine what the steps are to complete the skills or reference the proper response to the scenarios presented.

Locally, use the “Street of the Day” segment to identify specific grids, streets, or buildings such as a target hazard location to stress the importance of knowing your skill and assist districts in your community. Know two ways to get to every area if possible. A challenging training idea might be to provide a grid map or street guide without any street names and challenge members to fill in the blanks. Knowing where to go through multiple directions helps improve our ability to get to an emergency in a timely fashion.

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Firefighter Training Drills by Forest ReederForest Reeder began his fire service career in 1979. He serves as Division Chief of Training & Safety for the Des Plaines (IL) Fire Department. He is a past recipient of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) prestigious George D. Post Instructor of the Year award and has been responsible for the design, implementation and coordination of in-service firefighter training activities as well as a full-service fire training academy program. Forest holds numerous Illinois fire service certifications and holds a Masters Degree in Public Safety Administration from Lewis University.


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