What Is the Longest Service?

To the Editor :

We would like to know who is the oldest Fire Chief in point of service, and also the oldest fireman in point of service in the United States. We have a Captain in our Department a Louis Goodman, who has been a Captain for the past thirty-seven years. We feel that this might be somewhat of a record for continuous service in said position. Any information along this line will be greatly appreciated.

Yours truly,


Denver, Col.

A Notable First

To the Editor:

I have read with much interest your series of articles “Some Notable Firsts in the Fire Service.” The following may be of some value to you.

The Niagara Engine Co. No. 1. New London, Conn., has a claim to fame in that it owned what members say was the first automotive chemical engine in the United States. The balky engine was called “Old Maud.” She was purchased from the LaFrance Engine Company. Elmira, N. Y., through the Combination Ladder Company, Providence, in September of 1903, at a cost of $5,500.

The apparatus was not driven by a gasoline engine, as automobiles are today, but by a steam engine. She was not equipped with a pump but had a chemical tank and carried hose.

Yours truly,


New London, Conn.

True or False

To the Editor:

In your March issue of FIRE ENGINEERING, under the course of “Promotional Study,” you have a false and true question as follows:

No. 6. T. F.—When conflicting orders are received from Superior Officers the member receiving same should always carry out the first order given him.

The above question is marked True in your April issue.

Now in your false and true questions, No. 18 reads:

No. 18. T. F.—It is essential when receiving conflicting orders to call to the attention of the Officer giving same the fact of having received previous orders.

This question is marked True.

I believe that you have a mistake in No. 6. The word always makes that a false question, because if the officer giving the conflicting order insists upon you carrying it out after you have informed him of the previous order, you have no alternative but to ask who he is, name, rating, etc., and then proceed to carry out his order. No. 18 you have marked True, which is right.

Very truly yours,


Lieutenant, Fire Department, Baltimore, Md.

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