Corning Honors Chief McCarthy

Corning Honors Chief McCarthy

Corning, N. Y., and a large number of nearby communities attended the Elks testimonial to Chief John W. McCarthy that was held at the Masonic Temple to mark his 30th anniversary as head of the department.

An official of the Elks presented the Chief with a watch.

More striking, perhaps, was a scroll 100 feet long that was presented to the Chief. It was signed with the names of over 3,000 school children and residents. It read:

“We, the undersigned, congratulate you upon your 30 years of faithful, efficient service as our esteemed Fire Chief and we pledge you our cooperation and support in a continuous citywide fire prevention campaign,”

The scroll was presented by the Chamber of Commerce.

Chief McCarthy received a large number of messages of congratulations.

Said the toastmaster:

“I know of no man in Corning who has been for over thirty years.” has been or is a more valuable citizen to the community than Chief McCarthy

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