Two Platoons in Ottawa, Can.

To the Editor:

The Board of Control and members of the city council of Ottawa passed a resolution adopting the two-platoon system in the city of Ottawa fire department, to go into effect on or immediately after the 1st of March, 1919. This will mean the adding of 45 men to the personnel of the department, also promotion of seven men to lieutenants and captains. This was decided by the council without one dissenting voice raised against the proposal. In June of 1918 the city council raised the wages of every man 12 to 15 per cent. All vacancies will be filled by returned soldiers as far as possible. Great satisfaction is felt by all members of the department over the new arrangement. A letter of congratulation was forwarded to Chief Graham and Alderman Muer, signed by every member of the department, for their joint assistance and kindness in the adoption of the twoplatoon system.


Ottawa, Ont., Can., Nov. 25, 1918.

[The above letter is one of many that we are constantly receiving on the subject of the two-platoon system, but as the adoption of the system has become so general throughout the fire departments, we defer their publication for matters of greater interest to the members of the fire service.—Ed.]

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