Corrigan, Aviator, Honored by Syracuse

Corrigan, Aviator, Honored by Syracuse

Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan, famous aviator, is now a full-fledged fire laddie.

The flier, celebrated for his transoceanic flight from New York to Ireland, was appointed an honorary member of the Fire Department of Syracuse, N. Y., by Mayor Rolland B. Marvin and Chief Edward W. Gieselman, when Corrigan and his equally famous “crate” landed in that city, August 18 last, on a cross-country air tour to the Pacific Coast from the Atlantic seaboard.

While the daring, irrepressible Irishman of the ingratiating smile is being lionized by the nation and the world in general, he’s just a number to the Syracuse fire fighters, 48—exactly one for every State in the Union.

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