In less than three months Peekskill will be as completely equipped as any town in the country with a fine new duty fire truck, A No. 1, fully equipped with all apparatus for successfully fighting fire.

The new truck committee, appointed for the purpose some months ago, by the Hook and Ladder company, after patient and thorough investigation of many different kinds of trucks, in many different sections of the country, aided and assisted by the fire committee of the board of trustees, decided in favor of the new improved steel frame truck manufactured by the Gleason & Bailey Manufacturing Co., of Seneca Falls, N. Y., and at the meeting of the board of trustees on Tuesday evening last, the contract was awarded to that company.

Truck is fitted for horses, as well as for men, and the outfit will comprise a set of swinging harness, including a pair of ornamental steel collars. The finishings will all be in nickel, aud the painting in white and gold. The truck is expected to be on exhibition at the firemen’s convention in Troy, N. Y, commencing on the 20th of August, and on the 24th of that month the members of Cortlandt Hook and Ladder Companv propose to parade with it in the grand parade of the volunteer fire departments of the entire state. They hope to win a prize with their new truck, which event has occurred in their history with their old apparatus. [Peekskill (N. Y.) Highland Democrat.

June 1st, 1895.

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