Council Formed By Fire Service Organizations

Council Formed By Fire Service Organizations

A Joint Council of National Fire Service Organizations was formed by representatives of 10 organizations during a meeting at Williamsburg, Va., September 1 and 2. The formation of the council was hailed by William Howard McClennan, president of the International Association of Fire Fighters, as “an unprecedented united effort to improve the nation’s fire service and help the American public.”

The organizations represented in the Joint Council of National Fire Service Organizations are the Fire Marshals Association of North America, Fire Protection Research International, International Association of Arson Investigators, International Association of Fire Chiefs, International Association of Fire Fighters, International Fire Administration Institute, International Fire Service Training Association, International Society of Fire Service Instructors, Metropolitan Chiefs Committee of the IAFC, and the National Fire Protection Association.

At the September meeting, the Joint Council described its objectives as:

  1. To develop nationally recognized standards for competency and achievement of skills development, technical proficiency and academic knowledge appropriate to every level of the Fire Service career ladder.
  2. To make the public aware of the significant contributions made by the Fire Service of this nation in protecting life and property from fire, and the contribution made to the standard of living to which all citizens are entitled.
  3. To make public officials at every level of government more aware of their responsibilities in providing increased financial and moral support to aid the Fire Service.
  4. To reassess public fire protection in light of contemporary demands, assuring appropriate fire protection for all communities at a reasonable cost.
  5. To establish realistic standards of educational achievement, and provide to every member of the Fire Service equal educational opportunities.
  6. To identify and establish nationwide information systems that will enable improved analysis of the fire problem with particular emphasis on the life and safety factors for the public and the fire fighter.
  7. To encourage and undertake the research and development necessary for the prompt and successful implementation of the goals above.”

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