County Contracts With City for Fire Protection

County Contracts With City for Fire Protection

Logan City Enters Into Agreement with Cache County, Utah— County Apparatus Housed in City—City Chief in Charge of Operations

The Fire Department of Logan City, and Cache County, Utah, in Front of Headquarters.

THE plan of cooperation between the fire departments of cities and the counties surrounding them, where there are extensive agricultural districts or large suburbs is one that is growing in popularity. The following article is by a pioneer in this movement and the contract quoted by the author is a model of its kind:

Chief C. W. Rapp, Logan City, Utah

The agreement entered into between the city of Logan and Cache County has proved in its workings a great success. The city realized that a fire loss in the county meant not only a loss to the farmer and to the county itself, but also to the city, as Logan is practically maintained by the farmers.

Some Figures of the Cooperation

In connection with the text of the contract made and entered into by and between Logan City and Cache County, which I have included in this article, I wish to present a brief report of county calls from March I, 1924, to December 31, 1924. The statistics are as follows: Total number of alarms, 22; miles traveled, 333; hose used, 2 1/2 inch, 9,750 feet; gallons of chemicals used, 203; hours in actual service, 49; net loss, $34,345; valuation of property endangered, $120,800.

Cache County has a population of 30,000 and covers 1.152 square miles. Logan City, with a population of 11,156 is the County Seat. Logan’s paid fire department was organized by me January 1, 1917, and consists of tbe following: fen fully paid and two part paid firemen. 1 wo American-La France type 75, triple combination, one Brockway combination, one chief’s car—Studebaker, 5000 feet 2 1/2 inch hose and other small equipment. Since the department was organized in 1917 our per capita loss has ranged from 19 cents to $1.50.

Logan City is surrounded with cities and towns ranging in population of from one to two thousand. All roads between the important cities and towns of the county are paved. The county in the past three years has spent more than $600,000 on building and maintaining county highways.

There have been a number of counties and cities in the states of Utah and Idaho which have entered into similar contracts in the past year, after investigating the plans of fire protection in Cache County. The text.

Text of the Contract

The text of the contract between the citv of Logan and Cache County is as follows:

This Agreement, made and entered into by and between Logan City Corporation, a Municipal Corporation 01 Cache County, Utah, party of the first part, and Cache County, a Corporation of the State of Utah, Party of the Second part, Witnesseth:

That for and in consideration of tbe covenants and agreements hereinafter contained, the said Ligan City Corporation hereby undertakes and agrees to bouse, shelter and maintain the fire apparatus hereinafter designated to be purchased In Cache County, and in consideration thereof the said Cache County is to pay to the said Logan City Corporation, $1500,00 for the remodeling of the Fire Department building belonging to the said Logan City Corporation.

It is further understood and agreed that if at the expiration of this contract, tbe said Logan City Corporation, should refuse to continue this contract or a contract substantially the same as far as the terms are concerned, that the said Ligan City Corporation, is to refund an amount equal to $1500,00 less one-tenth of $1500,00 for each year or fraction of a year that this contract has been in force and effect, to the said Cache County, but if the said Cache County, should refuse to enter into another contract on substantially the same terms and conditions as this contract, then and in that event, the said $1500,00 is to be retained by the party of the first part, it being the understanding that the said $1500.00, is to be paid for the remodeling of said building, and the said Cache County, is to be relieved from all liability of rent of every nature henceforth for the housing and sheltering of said machinery hereinafter designated.

The said Logan City, also undertakes and agrees to employ as its lire department force during the term of this contract, or a contract hereinafter entered into, seven men at its own expense, and two additional men to he paid for by the said Cache County, who will be under the direct supervision of the Fire Chief of said Logan City Corporation. The said Cache County is to pay for said two men to the said Logan City Corporation on the second day of January of each year this or other contract is in force, the sum of $3,000.00, per annum in advance, (quarterly) by mutual consent (1924).

It is further understood and agreed that Cache County, is to buy the following apparatus for the extinguishing of fires:

One type 75 American-LaFrance Triple Combination hose, Chemical and Pump Truck, and complete equipment for same, including 2,000 feet of double jacket hose, and two nozzles.

That all of said apparatus above mentioned is to be kept and maintained by Logan City Corporation, and under the supervision of the Chief of the Fire Department of Logan City Corporation. and that one triple Combination hose, chemical and pump truck will answer calls for extinguishing fires within the limits of Cache County, and it is understood that the fire department of Logan City Corporation is to use all due diligence in extinguishing fires outside of Logan City, and is to use as much of its apparatus therefore as is necessary and is to go to any place in Cache County where roads are passable if it is necessary in the opinion of the Fire Chief of Logan City Corporation.

It is further understood and agreed that Logan City Corporation is to be allowed to use the above described apparatus which is to be purchased by said Cache County, at any time for extinguishing fires within the limits of Logan City, provided that Cache County is at all times to have a prior right to one Type 75 American-LaFrance Triple Combination Hose, Chemical and Pump Truck.

All accidents to machinery or breakages happening to any machinery while answering calls outside the limits of Logan City are to be charged to and paid by Cache County, but all maintenance charges are to be paid for by Logan City Corporation, also all oil and gas charges un to $12000. per year, it being the understanding that Cache County, will pay for all gas and oil charges in excess of $120.00 per year.

It is further understood and agreed that Cache County, is to pay the insurance premium provided for under the Workman’s Compensation Law, for two members of the Fire Department Force, and that Cache County is to be relieved from all other liability by reason of any accidents happening to any employees of the Fire Department.

This contract is to be in full force and effect up to and including the First day of January, 1925.

In Witness Whereof, the Hoard of City Commissioners of Logan City, Utah, has executed this agreement by the Mayor of said City, attested by its City Recorder, and the Board of County Commissioners of Cache County, Utah, have executed

New Chemical Car for Riverview Park, Chicago, Ill. New American-La France Chemical car recently delivered to the Riverview Park, Chicago, Ill., one of the largest amusement parks in the country, for its fire protection. The apparatus in mounted on a Chevrolet chassis, and its equipment consists of four 35-gal. chemical tanks, besides the usual complement of ladders and miscellaneous auxiliaries.

this agreement by its chairman attested by its County Clerk,

this…………day of…………1923.

Board of Citv Commissioners, Logan City, Utah





Board of County Commissioners, Cache Countv, Utah





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