County Dispatch to Rural Fires

County Dispatch to Rural Fires

The Jefferson County (N. Y.) County Fire Control Center is now using new system of dispatching fire apparatus to rural fires, according to Charles W. Hayes, County Fire Coordinator.

The plan was decided upon after a number of farm buildings were destroyed because fire fighting assistance did not arrive in time.

Under the new system, as soon as an alarm is received at the Control Center, the dispatcher immediately sends two or more fire pumpers as second and third-due companies to all farm fires.

This gives the first fire officer to arrive the same equipment and manpower which is normally available in cities—minus a straight ladder company (most apparatus responding has a complement of ladders). The ladder company can be obtained by special call to the Control Center.

Coordinator Hayes said the fire chiefs based their requests upon (1) inability to put phone calls through because of neighbors jamming party phone lines … (2) inability of additional fire apparatus, which is requested after a time, to get close enough to the fire due to road blocks by motorists and curious pedestrians and (3) inability of a single department to hold a fire under control due to lack of water.

Dispatching in this County’s Control Center is done through the office of Sheriff Brayton E. Peck. Jefferson County operates as part of the New York State Mutual Aid Plan.

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