Court Upholds City

Court Upholds City

The Supreme Court upheld the right of Seattle, Wash., to give Fire Department apparatus the right of way at all times. The case was brought about by an accident in which a fire captain was involved.

The apparatus on which he was riding was faced by a red light at a corner but it proceeded against the traffic light and crashed into a furniture truck. The officer sued the owners of the truck and the defendant’s attorneys contended that the ordinance giving the Fire Department the right of way was illegal. The court awarded the captain $15,000.

Madison County Firemen Will Meet in June—The annual convention of the Madison County Volunteer Firemen’s Association will be held at Sylvan Beach, Wis., late in June. No definite date has been selected.

Fire House Opened in Denver, Col.—More than 2,000 persons watched the dedication ceremonies of the new fire station that was opened recently in Denver, Col. The house was completed April 30 at a cost of $18,000.

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