Coventions to Come

Coventions to Come

Feb. 20-27.—INDIANA SANITARY AND WATER SUPPLY ASSOCIATION.—Seventh annual convention at Indianapolis. Dr. W. F. King, of Indianapolis, secretary.

Mar. 9-11.—ILLINOIS WATER SUPPLY ASSOCIATION.—Edward Bartow, of Urbana, secretary.

April 21.—TRI-STATE WATER AND LIGHT ASSOCIATION.—Annual convention at Atlanta, Ga. M. A. Stubbs, Dillon, S. C., secretary.

May 11-15.—AMERICAN WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION. Thirty-fourth annual convention at Philadelphia, Pa. John M. Diven, 47 State St., Troy, N. Y., secretary.

June 25.—NORTHEASTERN FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION.—Annual convention at Bluffton, Ind. J. W. Guenther, of Winchester, Ind., president.

Oct. 4-8.—PENNSYLVANIA STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION.—Thirty-fifth annual convention at Middletown.

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