Credit Men on Fire Prevention.

Credit Men on Fire Prevention.

The National Association of Credit Men at its recent convention adopted the following resolutions:

Resolved, That the National Association of Credit Men in convention assembled, recognizing that the present conditions of fire insurance and fire waste are imposing an unwarranted and unnecessary burden upon our people, makes an earnest appeal to its members and particularly its affiliated branches to double and redouble their efforts to secure relief from these conditions:

First. By using every means at hand and especially the literature of our association to give the public in general a thorough understanding of the problems:

Second. By making a conscientious study of local hazards especially as cited in the reports on cities and towns as issued by the engineers of the National Board of hire Underwriters, and, acting upon them, demand of the municipal authorities that such hazards be reduced or eliminated.

Third. By endeavoring to secure in every state the enactment of a fire marshal measure modeled as closely as possible upon the bill as introduced, largely through the instance of this association, in the Legislature of the state of New York.

Fourth. By keeping in touch with the state departments formed under the fire marshal laws with a view to securing from them the highest possible efficiency.

Fifth. By co-operating with other organizations, such as State Fire Protection Associations, formed to reduce the losses of their respective stutcs

Resolved. That this association is deeply appreciative of the advantage which has come from the close relationship it has formed with the National Fire Protection Association, realizing that such connection has helped our association in laying before the members and the public in general with greater intelligence and effectiveness, very definite and vital facts regarding fire causes and methods of removing common causes of the fire waste.

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