Crews Continue to Battle Hidden Pines Fire

Crews continue to battle the Hidden Pines Fire in Bastrop County, reports

The 1,500 acre wildfire is only 10 percent contained.

We heard from officials today who said no one has been hurt, and no homes have been destroyed.

Firefighters in the area have worked tirelessly since Tuesday afternoon to contain the flames.

Bastrop County Office of Emergency Management officials say long range spotting is occurring, creating spot fires out in front of the main fire.

OEM added that the fire is moving in northerly and northwesterly directions due to influences from both wind, topography and heavy vegetation in the area.

Authorities say at least one structure was lost in the blaze.

Emergency officials say the fire could’ve been worse if it wasn’t for lessons they’ve learned from the 2011 fires, where firefighters focused on effective communication, evacuating neighborhoods and getting rid of anything that can fuel the fire.

“A very important story in this is that because of proactive activity to mitigate potential damage. We have saved a very expensive, very valuable facility in Bastrop County and that is the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center,” said State Sen. Kirk Watson, D-Austin.

The biggest challenge has been the terrain.

“There are some deep gullies, and that makes the heavy equipment a little challenging to operate on some of those slopes they are encountering out there,” said Lexi Maxwell, with the Texas A&M Forest Service.

Maxwell says crews are up against weather conditions that fuel fires like this.

Within a few hours, it grew from less than 20 acres, to more than 200.

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