We have all had it happen to us, and some who are given to profanity have doubtless felt like saying it.

A local subway train had just pulled into the 14th Street station and opened its doors as the express on the opposite track started moving out.

Two young fellows bolted out of the local, across the platform, only to have the express train door close in their faces.

One of them turned with a disgusted look and gave vent to his wrath with: “This is a h—of a way to run these—trains.”

We studied the youngster’s naturally sallow, hut now somewhat flushed, face for a moment and tried to imagine what sort of a figure he would cut as Train Master, or General Manager, of the Interborough Rapid Transit.

But it hadn’t required the least bit of brain-, or ability to say what he thought about the way the trains were being run.

And he is but a type. In every community there are men who are quick to criticise any individual, institution or organization, without the least constructive suggestion as to how their affairs might be better conducted.

Fire Departments and Fire Chiefs are not always free from such criticism, and some of these self appointed critics would certainly present a sorry spectacle should they attempt to run a Fire Department in one of our big cities.

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