Cylinder Warning

Cylinder Warning

Luxfer USA Ltd., a manufacturer of compressed gas cylinders for use as self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), has issued a notice stating that a number of the cylinders, used in Scott Aviation’s Air-Pak 4.5 SCBA, have developed cracks near the neck (valve end) which resulted in a loss of air. One cylinder has fractured.

Scott Aviation also has issued a notice advising users that the problem is confined to cylinder serial numbers WA 43160 through WA 50178. According to the notice from Scott Aviation, there have been no injuries resulting from this condition, nevertheless, “death, serious personal injury or life-threatening loss of air may be possible should a failure occur.”

Luxfer USA Ltd. has requested that all persons owning, using or having access to Air-Pak 4.5 high pressure (4500 psi), 30-minute, hoop-wrapped air cylinders immediately inspect all cylinders, segregate those with the serial numbers in question and carry out the following procedures:

  1. If the cylinder is filled, its entire contents should be immediately vented in order to relieve internal pressure;
  2. These cylinders should be retained and segregated from all other cylinders by being placed in a secure area and marked conspicuously with a tag bearing the notation, “Do Not Use” or a similar warning;
  3. Under no circumstances should any of the cylinders be sold, filled or refilled, or used for any purpose.

The serial numbers on the Air-Pak 4.5 are visable in the left portion of the cylinder indentification label or stamped into the metal domed top of the cylinder.

Luxfer USA Ltd. is investigating the cause of the cracking and will advise users regarding the disposition of the cylinders as soon as possible.

For additional information contact Scott Aviation, 225 Erie St., Lancaster, NY 14086.

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