D. C. Fenner Made Mack Vice-President

D. C. Fenner Made Mack Vice-President

David Colton Fenner, who for fourteen years has been Manager, Public Works Department. Mack-International Motor Truck Corporation, has been elected Vice-President of that corporation. He is chairman of the Motor Vehicle Conference Committee, member of the Legislative Committee of the National Automobile Chamber of Commerce, Director of the New York Motor Truck Association, VicePresident and Director of the Automobile Merchants’ Association of New York, and has been prominent in public relations and legislative work for that automotive industry for many years.

During the war, Mr. Fenner served on the War Industries Board, under Bernard M. Baruch, in charge of motor truck work in the Automotive Division. He was graduated from Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University in 1896 with the degree of Ph.B., and from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1898 as a B.S.

His first association with the development of motor fire apparatus, in which he has been prominently identified ever since, was with the Knox Automobile Company, which he left in 1910 to serve successively with the Alden Sampson Division of the U. S. Motor Corporation, the Saurer Motor Company, the Mack Brothers Motor Car Company, the International Motor Company, and the General Vehicle Company.

In 1915 Mr. Fenner rejoined the Mack forces. In addition to having charge of fire apparatus activities, he is active before the National Recovery Administration in the development of codes affecting the motor vehicle industry.

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