Danbury Tests Its New Motor Engine

Danbury Tests Its New Motor Engine

A new American-La France motor engine has been added to the fire department of Danbury, Conn. The apparatus was given a series of tests a few days since in the presence of Chief Lounsbury. city officials and members of the fire departments of Waterbury and Stamford. In commenting on the tests, of which there were seven, the Danbury News has this to say:

“The first test was made with one line of hose 600 feet in length. The tip, or nozzle, measured 1⅛ inches. The pressure at the pump for this test was 260 pounds; at the nozzle. 82 pounds, while the discharge was 34n gallons.

“The second test was with two lines of hose 300 feet long, with the same sized tip as was used for the previous test. The pump pressure this time was 140 pounds and 65 pounds at the nozzle, while the discharge was 604 gallons.

“Test number three consisted of using the same lengths of hose, with the tip of l 1/4 inches. This time the pump pressure was 90 pounds; toe nozzle pressure, 54 pounds, while the discharge was 680 gallons.

“For the fourth test the tip was 1/4-inch larger than that used in the preceding test w ith the same, length of hose. The pump pressure this time was To pounds; the nozzle pressure, 28 1/2 a pounds on one line and 31 ½ on the other. The discharge was 720 gallons.

“It was on the next test that the largest discharge of water was reached. This time three lengths of hose of 50 feet each were used with but a 1-inch tip. With a pump pressure of 00 pounds and a nozzle pressure of 70 pounds the engine discharged 750 gallons.

“Two more tests were made, the water being taken from the hydrant near the factory. There is a pressure of 70 pounds at this hydrant, with an outlet of 2½ inches. The first of these two tests were made with three lengths of 50-foot hose with two tips of 1½ inches and the other of 1 inch. The pump pressure showed 70 pounds, the nozzle pressures were 42, 44 and 46 pounds, while 704 gallons of water were discharged. Then, with two lengths of hose, using 1 ⅛-inch tips, the pump pressure went up to 130 pounds, the nozzle pressure each 105 pounds, while the pump discharged 666 gallons.”

“The pump came up to my expectations. I had no hesitation in advising the committee to accept it.” said Chief Thomas A. Lounsbury, to the News reporter when asked what he thought of the new machine.

“Couldn’t expect anything any better than that pump,” was Councilman Schoonover’s reply to the same question, while Alderman Schweitzer said. “Just what I expected.” Others who saw the tests and who are familiar with the workings of a motor pump agree that the new engine is as good as can be secured, and believe that it will be a valuable addition to the Danbury fire department.

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