Death Delays Station Opening

Death Delays Station Opening

On the eve of the day set for the formal opening of its new and only fire station, the town of Cos Cob, Conn., situated on the Boston Post Road between Greenwich and Stamford, Conn., was bereaved by the sudden death of William E. Anthony, president of the Cos Cob Fire Department. Death was attributed to heart disease. He was 59 years and had been intensely interested in the affairs of the fire company.

Instead of a gala opening of the new $70,000 fire house, the projected jubilee was turned into a public funeral and the new fire station draped in mourning before it was officially used for anything else.

New Fire Station in Cos Cob, Conn.

Cos Cob is twenty-two square miles in area, has a population of 6,000 persons. It operates a 100 h.p. Stutz pumper of 600 gallons, a Simplex chemical, a Locomobile hose wagon carrying 1,300 feet of 2 1/2 inch canvas hose and a Matheson engine of the vintage of 1906, said to be the first direct-attached pumper in this country.

The fire company has 150 members, 60 of whom are active. The towm had seventy-two fires last year. The only paid member is the driver. The water is supplied by gravity pressure furnishing from 80 to 120 pounds at the hydrants. A new Loper fire alarm system made in Stonington, Conn, has just been installed with 38 districts. The station is also equipped with a first aid or police wagon which carries an H-H inhalator and other modern first aid equipment.

The adjourned date of the formal opening of the new fire house has not as yet been announced. There is to be a parade of fire companies from the volunteer departments of Fairfield County, Conn., and Westchester County, N. Y.

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